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Free classes, paid classes and ASL resources are listed on this website
Deaf culture information, asl stories and sketches!

“In the past over the years, the use of sign language to communicate has seen a significant improvement. In fact, it is the National Association of School Psychologists says that the amount of children who are deaf has almost tripled since the early 1990s. Around 40 percent of American households comprise at least one person who is deaf. These households constitute 15 percent of the total households. Many believe that ASL is a way for people who are deaf to communicate with other people However, this idea is not true since ASL is used by nearly every person with hearing impairments, which includes infants and children.” (Digital Communications – The ASL Way)

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Sunny Haven Residential Services is a DBHDS licensed provider of group homes and community engagement for those in and around Augusta county. We opened in 2020 with a focus on improving the lives of those with disabilities. We love seeing positive changes that come from being in a safe and stimulating environment!

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