About Sunny Haven

Sunny Haven Residential Services provides supervised, supportive living arrangements addressing the preferences, strengths, abilities, needs, and life-span issues of adults with developmental disabilities. 24-hour supports will be provided.

Through a comprehensive method of assessment, and input from clients, families, and guardians, an Individual Service Plan is developed to address specific training areas for each person.

Sunny Haven Residential Services provides training opportunities for individuals in both structured and unstructured settings, and within the home or in the community. As part of a rigorous effort to integrate individuals into the community, day training and employment opportunities are contracted with a local provider and are considered an integral part of the training process.

Sunny Haven Residential Services is committed to ensuring that individuals served receive professional and humanistic services directed towards their needs in a manner that protects their dignity and feelings of self worth. Individuals are expected to treat others with dignity and respect while receiving residential services in an environment that is free from harm.

The health and safety needs of individuals served by Sunny Haven Residential Services are addressed in the living environment, and opportunities are provided for the persons served to have their own personal space; providing privacy and personal security to individuals.

Sunny Haven wants to ensure that individuals in our care have meaningful and fulfilling lives. We strive daily to ensure the best quality of life for those in our program. This is done through employment, day support program, coming in 2023 and community engagement.

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